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What The Punk LGBTQ+ Safe Space Project!

This global liberation project is brought to you by 501(c)3 not-for-profit Ovations Global Network INC. We provide safe spaces, dance and music being the common denominator, to as many people possible regardless of sexuality, gender, age, race, or experience level. The goal is to positively impact the communities we service by harnessing the fierceness, liberation, art, and unity that gay urban dance offers. We curate on demand, monthly, touring, and youth led initiatives, as well as a culminating annual international gay urban dance festival in sunny South Florida, USA.

Among those impacted by HIV/AIDS — the population WTPUNK supports — are largely LGBTQIA + individuals, many of which are people of color who are members of the ballroom scene, drag scene, and/or underground urban dance community. WTPUNK emerges out of a vital need for allies and “support systems“ within those communities.


For Questions Call/Text  239-745-5494 or email

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