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The dance scene in South Florida is about to get GAY! 501 © 3 not-for-profit Ovations Global Network Inc has launched an LGBTQIA Safe Space Project What The Punk Fest under the shared belief that community and performative expression can save lives. What The Punk Fest curates weekly, monthly, touring, and youth led initiatives, as well as a culminating annual festival.

WTPUNK boasts some major community partners such as PRIDELINES, COMPASS Gay & Lesbian Center, and Florida Atlantic University to name a few. The goal is to provide safe spaces, dance and music being the common denominator, to as many people possible regardless of sexuality, gender, age, race, or experience level.

Among those impacted by HIV/AIDS — the population WTPUNK supports — are largely LGBTQIA + individuals, many of which are people of color who are members of the ballroom scene, drag scene, and/or underground urban dance community. WTPUNK emerges out of a vital need for allies and “support systems“ within those communities.

● Punk Pose Revive Gay Urban Dance Workshops, the FREE weekly component of our LGBTQIA+ Safe Space Project encourages all geeks, freaks, fairies and floor rockers to connect in a community dance class in “Club Styles” followed by an open floor cypher with a street styles DJ in partnership with COMPASS Gay & Lesbian Center (Lake Worth). This is a safe space for ALL ages, genders, sexualities, races etc. to attend and find your personal liberation on the dance floor.

● WTPUNK Club Nights are the monthly component of our LGBTQIA+ initiatives. Once a month the communities we support and beyond are invited to join WTPUNK teachers and crew for our roaming dance party event with the dopest Dj’s in the scene. A night of equality, community, and self-expression at the birthplace of these American classic dance cultures, "The Club.”

● Youth Kiki’s | Balls is the youth-led component of the initiatives. Each “Ball” offers a vital platform for uninhibited self-expression, exploration, and social connection within the diverse population that WTPUNK supports. These are much more than dance events. A Ball or Kiki is a reliable channel for LGBTQ+ youth to find friendship, acceptance, and opportunity often oppressed or otherwise starkly excluded to them (IE jobs, education, scholarships, sponsorship, community service, fitness etc)

● Culminating the years outreach, What The Punk Fest weekend, is scheduled for October 1-3 2020. WTPUNK is a rare and bona fide resource for education and preservation of urban dance cultures born of the 60's, 70's, 80's and today— how they're done, and how to teach them. Our guest teachers and performers are pioneers of their craft. WTPUNK for many, serves as once-in-a-lifetime access to these dance icons, to learn from, and express their personal growth. WTPUNK also serves to honor dances born from the LGBTQ community by offering a global platform to learn the rich history behind the culture, the people, their struggle, and their impact on the arts and society as we know it today.

To donate to the LGBT+ Safe Space Project or to sponsor our youth visit and click DONATE.

What The Punk Fest LGBT+ Safe Space Project is curated by 501 © 3 Ovations Global Network Inc and sponsored by COMPASS GLC, PRIDELINES, Florida Atlantic University, General Provision, WaterLOO Miami, Iconic House Of Ninja.

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