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Rona Can't Stop Us! WTPUNK 2021


We are sad to announce in light of COVID-19 that our family reunion will be postponed until next year. We have updated the event pages, and website, and encourage everyone to continue to share, mark yourself going, and invite so by the time the next festival prances through, All of our homies are ready to bop! We have also created a community health and safety plan which can be viewed here. HEALTH & SAFTEY POLICY

Lastly, we have some very exciting news! You all are going to gag. We invested fam, and are thrilled to announce that What The Punk now has a new dance company! Introducing, House of Ovations. Take a moment to get to know us on our new website! . This dance company represents our space to entertain, explore, educate, and evoke.

H.O.O will now be offering Punking online! Classes are available now on our website for pay-per-view, subscription, and we even offer weekly live classes via zoom, Facebook, and Instagram. Our performers, collaborators, and educators are native, pioneering or practice based authorities of their craft.

On October 1st we will launch our first six week absolute beginner Punking course (Intermediate Course drops January 8th 2021) . We encourage our global community to sign up for all six weeks, although you will have the à la cart option as well. Not only excellent for beginners, but a truly formidable tool for dancers who aspire to teach this style. You can expect this course to guarantee:

✅ History of Punking | Whacking | Waacking

✅ Intro to Elements of Punking

✅ Foundational Drills

✅ Foundational Footwork

✅ Intro to Freestyle

✅ Choreography

✅ Overview of Punking contest/battle categories, format, & etiquette

Your teacher for this course is What The Punk founder and overall father of the House of Ovations, Christopher Scott Caldwell, Son of Viktor Manoel and Tyrone the bone Proctor. You can learn more about him here.

We are back folks! We missed you, and we love you. There’s a lot of work to be done. So let’s get to it. We’ll make sure to update you all often about classes and streaming events. In the meantime, do us a favor, click share, and make sure to support our business.

For Questions Call/Text 239-745-5494 or email

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