Volunteers are the heart & soul of this operation. Our long term goal is to have WTPunk Festival  volunteers in all 50 states and on every continent. Serve with your gifts and talents in the areas of advertising, social media, fundraising, security, selling merch, hospitality, stage crew, and many other departments. Review the list of positions below for more information and then click the button to register today!

Full Time: Minimum of 3 days, Two 4 hour shifts per day

• FREE Admission
• FREE Swag Bag
• One Meal per day

Part Time: Minimum of 3 days, One 4 hour shift per day

• 50% off festival admission ($85.37)

Office Intern / Volunteer Positions: 


We’re looking for a few dedicated volunteers to join our team for the Spring and/or Summer 2019. 

Positions include:

• Executive Producer,Marketing/PR, Social Media Manager, Grassroots Marketing, and more. 


• Experience in Communications, Marketing, PR, Events, and Administration. 
• Currently enrolled in college or recently graduated. We can work with your university for credit. 
• Computer competency in Word, Excel & Adobe CS a plus 
• General clerical skills, social media, graphic design skills a plus. 
• Exceptional written and oral communication skills. 
• Telemarketing and customer service experience a plus. 

Please submit a resumé and cover letter, indicating your experience and position you’re applying for, to WTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM



How old do you need to be to volunteer? 

Full time volunteers must be at least  21 years old by the start of the festival. Volunteers who are 18 and 19 may volunteer part time only. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any volunteers under the age of 18. 


What are volunteer meals like? (full time only) 

Full time volunteers receive one meal a day, typically served mid-day. This will be a good sized hot meal, such as a casserole with salad and bread. (Please let us know of any food preferences). Volunteers are on their own for their other two meals each day, so please plan accordingly to bring a cooler of food, or money to purchase meals. 


What types of positions are available? 

We have volunteer positions in a wide variety of departments, such as promotions, social media marketing, selling t-shirts or other merchandise in the Retail department, manning entrances and exits as part of security, working as part of the reception crew, hospitality or volunteer services teams, or working as a PA with our guest icons and performers.  


What if I can’t volunteer for all three days? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate volunteers who cannot work all four days of the festival. Volunteer registration is typically open right up until the week of the festival, so if your situation changes, please come back and fill out an application then. If you are available for the four consecutive days just before or after the festival, contact us about Setup and Teardown opportunities. 


Can I select which hours I work each day? When do we find out our schedules? 

While we would love to accommodate everyone’s schedules, unfortunately with the hustle so strong sometimes we are not able to. We will try, but ultimately it should be known that when you sign up to volunteer, you are agreeing to work whichever shifts you are scheduled for during each day of the festival. We do our best to make things fair and to distribute shifts evenly. For this reason, we cannot provide you with your schedule until you arrive on site at the festival and meet your WTPunk Team manager. 


Is there any training for volunteers before the festival begins? 

For local volunteers who are working the live event, YES! For out of state/country volunteers, NO. There is a volunteer orientation for all volunteers on the Thursday night before the festival starts. All volunteers are asked to arrive in time to attend this meeting if at all possible, as it is where you will meet your team leaders and receive training for your position. Most volunteers plan on arriving on Wednesday afternoon or early evening, and staying until Monday morning before packing up and heading home, as the festival doesn’t wrap up until late evening on Sunday. 


What is the application process like? 

The application involves basic personal information and then a handful of short questions about your skills and interests. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to complete. Please answer all of the questions in the application, as incomplete applications slow down the review process while we contact you for the missing information. The skill and interest questions are especially important in helping us match you with the right position, so please take the time to answer each of these. 


When will I hear back about my application, and what kind of communication can I expect? 

You can expect to hear back about your application within 30 days of filling it out. If it has been longer than 1 month and you have not heard anything, please e-mail WTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM You will initially receive an e-mail from the volunteer coordinator letting you know that your application has been received, and when to expect an answer as to your acceptance. In some cases you will not be assigned to a specific position right away, as we wait to see what our specific needs will be. After receiving your acceptance and your position assignment, you may not hear from our volunteer coordinator again until the month before the festival day schedule will be drafted. 


Are there any opportunities to volunteer other than during the three days of the festival? 

Yes! We have both a Setup and a Teardown crew, as well as year round volunteer opportunities. Want to be a part of the crew that sets up the festival events and performances? Setup is a limited crew, so please email WTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM soon. Please be aware that all of our setup positions involve physical labor and the ability to lift 50 to 75 pounds. Teardown is a great need of ours each year. Teardown volunteers begin work on Friday night after the Welcome Party Cypher, and work until the festival is completely taken down, which is typically on Sunday Night/Monday Morning. This is a great option for a group who wants to enjoy some of the festival and then serve together doing teardown afterward. Please email to find out more. 


Who do I contact if I have questions about volunteering that aren’t answered here? 

EmailWTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM   Our volunteer coordinator does not work out of the WTPoffice to receive phone calls, but office staff can always assist you if you have a need that cannot be addressed via e-mail. 


I applied to volunteer but need to withdraw my application. What do I do? 

WTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM You don’t need to give a reason if you are uncomfortable doing so, and a message isn’t even necessary, just a simple “no longer available” will do. It is very important to our planning that we have accurate numbers of our volunteers, so please do let us know if you can no longer serve with us. 





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