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Join our worldwide Affiliate Program & start selling tickets or packages to your community to help with your festival expenses, enjoy a little extra cash in your pocket, or help buy that thing you’ve been saving up for! (Great for fundraisers too!)
Earn 10% cash back on every WTPunk Fest admission ticket  or package you sell. 

To assist in selling your tickets, download a

PROMO PACKAGE filled with goodies!

Click here to download yours


Start making money by following these steps:

  1. Promote the event and get attendees to sign up by using the affiliate promo code issued to you once accepted

  2. Track the attendee sign ups and your earnings

  3. Payments are made to you by the 15th of each month via PayPal unless otherwise agreed upon with your WTPunk representative

  4. Invoices for payments MUST be sent to WTPUNKFEST@GMAIL.COM sometime before the 15th of each month


Note: Make sure to confirm payment details with your WTPunk Representative. Payment/Account information must be correct and up to date, otherwise you won’t receive your money!

For more information contact or call 1-239-745-5494

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