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    Directions to Florida Atlantic University Directions to General Provision Fort Lauderdale/Downtown Directions to C&I Studios Fort Lauderdale. (See image attached for a visual map!
    A meet & greet with our icons and guest performers is scheduled for the welcome party. This event is FREE!
    Festival staff will remove any items placed in a restricted area. Any personal items left overnight will be brought to Lost & Found. Please be respectful of those around you as to not obstruct the view of the other students in class or fellow theatre guests.
    2021 What The Punk Festival ticket sales wil be announced in January!
    Amateur photo and video cameras are permitted at What the Punk Festival. However, professional camera equipment is not permitted – this includes tripods, cameras with removable lenses, etc. All photos must be taken from the audience. Video taping of entire performances is prohibited. These policies are designed to protect the Artists’ rights and will be enforced.
    Search Fort Lauderdale Florida for hotel accommodations etc. For help finding local couch surfing options, call us to help you out 1-239-745-5494. Consider arriving on the Wednesday before the first day of the festival, at the earliest, and heading home Monday after the festival.
    Not all events a kid friendly, please confirm before attending. Attendance is at the discretion of the guardian or parent. Parents and Guardians are fully responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES. For the safety of children, never let them sleep on the ground/dance floor while artists and guests are dancing – especially at night, as moving crowds might not see them. Lost children should be taken to Festival staff immediately.
    Some events will serve alcohol. Use of outside drugs and alcohol in most of our venues and festival grounds. All reports of misuse of drug or alcohol use will be fully investigated.
    Multiple food vendors will be located on-site. All concession & vending booths are open Friday October 6th.
    All event locations possess handicapped access options. Contact us 1-239-745-5494 to let us know you will need assistance. We also encorage people with disabilties to participate, we are happy to make accomodation as needed. Just give us a holler!
    All attendees are participating in What The Punk 2019 at their own risk. Please respect your neighbors. Please familiarize yourself with our jealth & Safytey as wel as our Sexual Misconduct community policies. Law enforcement will be present.
    Please help keep our sunny South Florida home beautiful! Pick up trash and deposit it in the closest garbage when you see it. It makes a difference when everyone pitches in! Also be sure to be as green concious as possible during your stay at our hotel partners and adventures around our cities and beaches!
    Please bring lost and found items to the What The Punk reception desk located a the front door. WTPunk is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
    While no moshing or crowd surfing is allowed, dancing is TOTALLY encouraged as long as it is not harmful to others. WTPunk will monitor this but cannot be responsible for the actions of those who are not considerate of others and disregard this policy. Anyone who disregards this will be asked to stop once. The second time, WTPunk security retains the right to escort the attendee to the festival exit and remove them from the site.
    Festival parking is available in all locations. First come first serve. Be sure to check out the Tri-Rail, may save you cash on a car rental!
    The WTPunk security team is in place to maintain the peace. They are available to help and assist in any way possible. Please contact them through the WTPunk reception desk on-site. For an extreme emergency dial 911.
  • PETS
    Pets are not allowed on-site. Anyone with pets will be asked to remove them. (For the record, we love animals! lol)
    By purchasing the WTPunk wristband or admission wether in person or online, you agree to allow yourself to be photographed or video taped for the purpose of WTPunk promotions.
    The program will be available at the WTPunk reception desk and in you welsome email suite. The program will detail the festival schedules and will contain details about the Artists and Speakers. A full map of the Festival will also be located in the Program.= along with some other goodies!
    Seating/standing for each location is on a first come, first serve basis.
    Opinions expressed by program participants do not necessarily reflect those of the WTPunk, Ovations global Network Inc., House of Kans, vendors or any staff member of these organizations.
    The primary sponsor and producer of the Florida’s International What The Punk Festival is Ovations Global Network INC a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.
    A solid perk of traveling to dance in sunny South Florida is BEACH TIME! On your down moments. You will be next to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach, and a hop skip and a jump from iconic South Miami Beach! Plus, its fun to hang out with the people you meet!
    In order to operate WTPunk, many volunteers are needed. Please be kind and grateful to all staff – they have volunteered their time and energy to make the event possible. WTPunk is always in need of volunteers. Visit our Volunteers page for deets. Be sure to express your appreciation to the volunteers throughout your time at WTPunk. Thanks fam!
    WTPunk and FAT Village Arts District encourage you to stay well hydrated. There will be has multiple water fountains for free water. It is important that you drink plenty of fresh water.
    The WTPunk Festival takes place rain or shine. (Except for Covid-19! lol) There are no refunds, exchanges, or discounted tickets if bad weather or delays occurs. The average high temperature during the day in Florida in June is 90ºF and the average low temperature during the night is 72º. Please prepare accordingly for this daily temperature change.
    Everyone is required to wear wristbands around their wrist while onsite. All attendees will need a wristband to enter the festival events. Children under 6 years of age are not required to wear a wristband. If you see anyone at the festival without a wristband, please encourage him or her to purchase one at the online, on the phone, or at the reception desk on site.
    What The Punk Festival/ Ovations Global Network INC. Will not be held responsible for (1) lost, stolen or, forgotten wristbands, (2) bodily injury, or (3) loss of personal property at any time prior to, during or following WTPunk
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