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FATVillage of the Arts – Fort Lauderdale, FL


The Ovations Network is curating THE SOUL TRAIN EXPERIENCE featuring legendary Soul Train dancer Tyrone "The Bone" Proctor . Tyrone Proctor is one of the last living pioneers of Waacking/Punking. Waack/Punk is a form of dance born in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles, during the 1970s disco era. He is sought worldwide as a judge, master teacher, groundbreaking choreographer, legendary dancer, street historian and progenitor of contemporary black street dance and hip-hop culture.

This thrilling 3 day Waacking/Soul Train Classics event will provide Florida's Hip Hop community with bona fide exclusive access to the origins of Waacking/Punking- how it's done and how to teach it. Our 3 day event will include a welcome party and cypher to kick things off, 2 full days of private sessions, teacher trainings, and community workshops that will conclude in an in depth look into the history of Waacking and Soul Train presented by Mr. Proctor himself, including exclusive video content from Mr. Proctor's personal archives. To close out the event, we will be hosting 2 dance battles, dancers will compete in Waacking and in a couples 2v2 Soul Train line style battle. The Soul Train Classics Workshop and battle is the 1st of its kind, an unprecedented chance to learn the most popular moves from back in the Soul Train days, from the source. This debut event is the first of an international tour. Don't miss you chance to experience it first!

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